Camera Obscura Mirror Maze Gets Make Over

Submitted by edg on Thu, 7 Feb '19 6.30pm

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions have given their magical Mirror Maze a make-over.

The new 25 metre long, meandering hall of mirrors has 38 new mirrors and over 6,500 individually programmable LEDs which light the way, creating mind-tricking patterns and colours, continually changing.

Visitors can lose themselves in the maze many times, each time getting a different sensory experience.

The different experiences include themes such as ‘stormy’, ‘rainbow’, ‘heaven’ and ‘disco’.

The Mirror Maze is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year as one of Camera Obscura's over 100 interactive exhibits that tease the eye and bend the mind.

"We’ve rebuilt it from the floor up: new mirrors, new even trickier route and new, totally programmable lighting," says General Manager Andrew Johnson.

"All 6,500 LED lights now change colour individually. Of course, in our Mirror Maze you have to multiply that by 1,000, so you are actually seeing 6.5 million lights, all changing to perplexing and pretty patterns around you".

Travellers through the Mirror Maze typically wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent greasy hands marking the mirrors and keeping the reflections clear.

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