Children's Shows

Children's shows

From babies in arms to active toddlers, they all sit wide-eyed staring up at this whimsical man and his silly behaviour. This simple yet effective

As this year’s panto season starts off, King’s Theatre Edinburgh announces Goldilocks and the Three Bears as the panto for 2019/20.

Barely have face paints been smeared off guisers’ faces, the last bit of grimaced pumpkin flesh been eaten in final bowl of soup and the last squib has been dampened, than Edinburgh has donned it

The Showstoppers’ Kids Show is a variation for 3-10 year-olds of the long-running improvisational musical show by the same name.

This is no ordinary circus show, though acrobatics and a whole multitude of circus skills are the heart of the show.

This is a value for money show. You get two dancers presenting their own work with a short intermission between both performances – they are sympathetic and fit well together.

The house was packed when I attended this very early in the run and it's not a surprise - this is a very special kind of show. The scene is an artist's garret or atelier.

It must be difficult doing magic in the internet age. The answer to so many tricks are just a Google search away.

I must confess I’d seen very little of Dick and Dom, the television duo famed for their bogie jokes, before this. Judging by the enthusiastic welcome they received I was in a minority.

We didn’t see the first Game On, but our host Matty - a burly, bearded Australian - sarcastically informs us at the start that the premise of Game On 2.0 is just the same.