Buried: A new Musical, St Columba's-by-the-Castle Church, Review

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Colla Voce
Writers:Tom Williams and Cordelia O’Driscoll
Running time

Crime does pay

Buried: A new musical played to an almost full house in quite a large venue so the synopsis of a musical about two psychopaths obviously appeals to the general public. It’s about a man and woman who have specialised in speed dating with the outcome being shorter than a one-night stand. Inevitably they meet through their activities and try to kill each other. When that fails they recognise a kindred spirit and decide to team up and like ‘Bonnie & Clyde of Death’ they set out on a road kill trip when one of the couple decide there has to be more to ‘life’.

The main players are very good and likeable despite their activities and there are many amusing lines in the show. They are supported by an interchangeable cast and a band. The singing is excellent but the songs are a vehicle for carrying the story rather than being melodic.

The show was always interesting and the Director had made good and innovative use of very limited props. The auditorium was quite stuffy as well as nearly full and there was a side-show of watching a man fighting sleep in the front row which must have been a bit off-putting for the performers. Any applause brought him to life clapping like a seal at the Zoo.

This is a good show with some strong language and a theme of murder but delivered in a tongue of cheek way.

3-28th of August at 2:45pm