Robert Burns: Naughty, Radical, Scandalous!

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Meet me at the entrance of St Giles Cathedral where inside we shall view The Burns Window before we take a casual stroll down The Royal Mile pointing out all famous places connected to Burns and the stories surrounding them.

I will regale you with some of the incredible facts, stories and tales I discovered and uncovered during the making my BBC documentary series on Robert Burns’ ‘Secret Life’.

These stories were inspired for his love for The Lassies, his crazy Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle, his crushing personal and financial blows - his comebacks - and ultimately, his demise.

- And, of course, his Resurrection! Yay!

I will share the secrets I stumbled upon during my five years raking through the dusty archives in some of ‘The Big Hooses’ of Scotland - and the small hooses too - and, indeed, his favourite pubs - some of which we shall visit.

Our ultimate aim is to get to know the REAL guy, to get under the skin of our National Poet, to find out what really made him tick - and, indeed, what he was REALLY thinking.

A Burnsie Bonus: I also travelled to the good ye ole U.S. of A. to trace his legacy there and ultimately to find out how two canny Scots managed to bring Burns to The World.


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