Keara Murphy: Dark One

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After the recent death of her Mother, Murphy explores her Mother's life and legacy with stories spanning three centuries of Irish women.

From her Grannie's youth in a relatively peaceful late-19th Century Ireland to her Mammy's early-life in 1930s Belfast the story moves to 1970s Glasgow and Murphy's own childhood where - alongside the Space Hoppers, psychedelic wallpaper and brown flared cords - Sectarianism prevailes.

She reminisces about family trips to Belfast on the boat from Ardrossan, where fully armed soldiers routinely searched the family car for bombs amongst the Jesus Sandals, picnic hampers and baby bottles.

Murphy recalls the many seaside holidays she enjoyed with her siblings along Ireland's wet and rugged coastlines, beyond the barricades.

The show includes lighter moments such as Mammy's parenting tips on raising eight babies whilst also managing to fit in the Crossword in the afternoon, getting to grips with 21st Century technology and ensuring she never missed an episode of Coronation Street.

The show balances the political and the personal in a way that is both uproariously funny and poignantly moving; this is a bitter-sweet show about life in the bumpy lane following three generations of Northern Irish Catholic women.

This show makes its debut in Leith before touring Scotland, Ireland, England, Central Europe and The USA.

“A genius; she’s Eddie Izzard with less make-up and more Glasgow!” THE LIST

BBC Radio 4 'Pick of The Week' 2015

BBC Radio 4 'pick of the Week' 2017

'Top Female Comedian' The List

The Scotsman’s 'Most Eligible Woman'

Christmas Crackers 'Best of Radio for Christmas Day'

Winner of St Andrews University 'Burnsian Award'

Author and Presenter of BBC documentary series, The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns; The Secret TAX Life of Robert Burns; The Secret Rock 'n' Roll Life of Robert Burns - and new for 2018, The Secret After Life of Robert Burns.

Author of three plays on Robert Burns: Mice and Women;
The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns LIVE; and
The Bard and I.

"Her motormouth delivery makes Ben Elton look like Stephen Hawking"

"Glam and glittery and exudes Glaswegian charm"

"A talent for impersonations which is quite outstanding"

"A veritable comedic jukebox"

"Close your eyes and Lorraine Kelly is in the room."

"Edinburgh's Comedy Goddess"

"Electric Stage-presence; a genuine delight!"