Council Rename Princes Street to Honour a Princess!

Submitted by actionman on Tue, 15 Feb '11 9.41pm

We are not too certain whether the Council have decided to rename Princes Street to honour Prince William's bride-to-be, with its traffic sign on Frederick Street (above), but they have certainly upset the residents of Edinburgh.

People were initially faintly amused by some of the Council signage blunders, but it is now becoming just a little ridiculous that so many mistakes should be made.

People are begining to wonder what signs will be put up for the trams, should they ever arrive; possibly they will be signed to travel to other new and unforseen locations so it could be a new pastime, "find the deliberate (?) mistake".

It must all be a mystery to the visitors to Edinburgh as they have to cope with an unfamiliar accent and then the playful game that the Council seems to enjoy with inaccurate signs - welcome to Jenny Dawe's Wonderland!

(For those who do not know, Jenny Dawe is the Leader of Edinburgh City Council.)