Weather and climate

The weather in Edinburgh is often a source of complaint among both visitors and locals. Edinburgh has a temperate climate, meaning it rains often and Summers are mild rather than hot.

Temperatures in the Summer months of June, July and August average around 18-19C. Winters are cold with average temperatures hovering above the freezing mark in January and the weather is often damp.

Edinburgh is also a gusty city (as organisers of Edinburgh's Hogmanay know only too well, having had to cancel the 100,000 person Hogmanay street party because of high gales).

Torrential rain is not unheard of even in the Summer months, although it's not typical. We think ourselves lucky when we have a few sunny days in which we can comfortably wear shorts and t-shirts throughout the day.

Rain is usually less a heavy deluge, more a constant drizzle and (in Winter) sleet.

It's not unusual in Spring and Autumn to have four seasons worth of a weather in a single day.

Don't be put off though: Edinburgh's unpredictable weather patterns are compensated for by its rich cultural life, it is a lush and green city, and the weather often holds welcome surprises.

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