Patriothall Gallery

Venue details
Wasps Scotland, Patriothall
Edinburgh Area
Telephone (info)
0131 226 7126 / 0131 552 2067 (life class info)
Telephone (box office)
0131 226 7126
About the venue

This artist-led gallery and studio space in Stockbridge is a good place to find work by emerging and mid-career visual artists.

The Patriothall Gallery is on the ground floor of the former Co-op bakery building which Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland (WASPS) converted into an artists' studio complex in 1988.

The artists saved the building from development in 2004, in the main by winning a grant from Edinburgh City Council. 

There are around 20 shows each year and the gallery is open to the public for 303 days a year.


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