Best Pubs for...

Submitted by edg on Sat, 10 Apr '99 11.54am

Recreational drinking is one of Edinburgh's most passionately pursued pastimes. These suggestions are based on users comments sent in to us

Best old man's pub
Oxford Bar, Young St.
Hasn't changed since McDiarmid, the famous Scottish poet, puked over the barmaid (historical inaccuracy - women are not known here.)

Clarks Bar, 142 Dundas St
Kitchen parlour atmos with small rooms off the main bar where you and company can ensconce yourself for an afternnoon of drinking and blethering.

Best pub for a first date
Cafe Royal, W. Register St.
Sounds posh. Noisy, wannabe affluent ambience. Comfy couches in burgundy leather. Intimate, yet unthreatening due to presence of pressing mob of social climbers.

Black Bo's, Blackfriar's St.
Cosy and not too loud. The adjacent restaurant provides expensive and experimental vegetarian food, which is hard to beat.

Best pub for radging it up on weekdays
The Basement, Broughton St.
Hip, happening joint. Good food too.

El Bar, Blackfriars St.
This place only fits about ten people. Mingling made easy.

Best pub to appreciate good beer and fine malts
Kay's Bar, Jamaica St.
Small, intimate but rather hooray establishment. Try the Adelphi Distillery cask strength single malts and enter a new world.

Mather's, Broughton St.
Some people swear by this place.

Best pub to experience the Edinburgh of Trainspotting
Find one of those pubs that look like temporary school rooms anywhere in Leith, Drylaw, Pilton or the western end of Gorgy road - Begby is out there in numbers.

Best late night drinking hole (licenses to 1am or more)
Negotiants, Lothian St.
Noisy, overpriced dump, but all the alcoholic insomniacs gravitate here. Cool tunes on Tuesdays.

Best pub before the cinema or theatre
Traverse Bar, Cambridge St.
Closest Edinburgh comes to loviedom and not that bad at all.

Henry's Cellar Bar, Morrison St.
Opposite ABC cinema on Lothian Road and within short staggering distance of the Traverse, the Lyceum and the Kings. Extended happy hour 5-9pm gives plenty of time to get well bevvied before the show.

Best pub for boys to meet girls
The Ferret and Trouser Leg, Lothian Rd.
Shagging potential's good if you can get out of the pub in one piece.

Best pub for girls to meet boys
Indigo Yard, 7 Charlotte La
Glassy, expensive and a stone throw from Edinburgh's powerful financial hub. Many eligbles to be found here... Also see "First Date"

Best pub for boys to meet boys
CC Blooms, Greenside Pl.
Blue Moon Cafe, Broughton St.

Best pub for girls to meet girls
Blue Moon Cafe, Broughton St.

Best pub to meet a loud American
Filling Station, High St.
While you're waiting for the L.A. to appear, you can enjoy the ambience americainne in the heart of touristville and play fill the bucket.

Best pub to meet a celebrity
City Cafe, Blair St
Too cool art deco pub-cafe that abounds with media types during the festival wanting to get seen at the right places.

Best pub to plot the next revolution
Bar Kohl, 54 George IV Bridge
No one else will be able to hear you, it's that damn loud. Think vodka. Think communism. It's that simple.

White Horse, High St.
If you forment your plans in the toilet (unspeakably foul, a real health hazard) you can be certain there will be no Government agents nearby - they're not paid enough.

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