Recipients of £2,500 Grants For Fringe 2024 Shows Announced

Submitted by edg on Fri, 24 May '24 1.06pm
Fringe Society honorary President Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Lija Jursins

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society announced which 180 shows will receive £2,500 Keep It Fringe grants to bring their work to this year's Fringe.

The initiative launched in 2023 is rooted in the Fringe vision to give anyone a stage and everyone a seat, and aims to remove some of the barriers they face in bringing their work.

After Phoebe Waller-Bridge launched the initiative in 2023, this year it was bolstered with £1 million from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) over two years (2024 and 2025). 

The 30 assessors had to whittle 749 applications down to this year's successful 180 applicants.

The recipients reflect a typical variety of Fringe content from local amateur dance group Edinburgh Ballet's adaptation of Robert Burns' Tam O'Shanter to salty stand-up comedy. 

Work covers a range of subjects from immigration to fake news and imposter syndrome to séances, ADHD diagnoses to fortune cookies, and sibling dynamics to addiction, with companies and artists covering nearly every genre in the Fringe programme. 

Representing a mix of free and ticketed shows, 41% of the successful applicants identify as disabled or have a health condition, and more than one in three are said to come from a working-class background.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said: 'The Fringe has launched the careers of generations of comedians, actors and writers by giving them a chance to showcase their work at the largest arts festival in the world.

'This UK Government funding will help nurture future stars by giving them a helping hand to bring their talent to Edinburgh, while also ensuring the Fringe retains its reputation for supporting up-and-coming artists.'

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: 'We are massively grateful to DCMS for providing funding that has enabled us to continue the Keep it Fringe fund for another two years. We know that for many artists the financial challenges of putting on a show can prevent some from coming to the Fringe, and this funding will enable the Edinburgh Fringe to be more accessible to artists from across the UK.

'As one of the greatest platforms for creative expression in the world, the Fringe offers artists the opportunity to gather, network with industry partners and explore future career opportunities.  I encourage all artists to continue to reach out to our Artist Services team to see how we can provide further support as we hurtle towards this year's Festival Fringe.'

The 180 Successful Recipients of Keep It Fringe (alphabetical):  

  1. ¡Ay Mija!
  2. "Why, Ifrah Why?"
  3. 1 Moment in Time
  4. 1 Murder: The Mind Reading Lawyer
  5. 2 Muslim 2 Furious: Mecca Drift
  6. Aaron Twitchen: Himbo
  7. A Brief Case of Crazy
  8. After Shakespeare - Richard III
  9. Alasdair Wallace & Tom Hutchinson - "Are We Not Men?"
  10. Alexander Bennett: Emotional Daredevil
  11. All the Fraudulent Horse Girls
  12. Ambitious Underachiever
  13. An Octopus, The Universe n Stuff
  14. Barbara Fernandez Singing, Sagging and Shagging
  15. The Beatbox Collective: 'What's Your Sound?'
  16. Bella Humphries: Square Peg
  17. Bellringers
  18. Best in Class
  19. Big Year
  20. Birdwatching
  21. Blodwen's in Business
  23. Blues and Burlesque
  24. Bot Brothers: A Story of Our Times
  25. Brennan Reece: Me Me Me
  26. Burning Down The House
  27. Burst
  28. Caravan Club with Miss Missy Heavens
  29. Carl Donnelly: Boosegumps
  30. Celtic Roots
  31. Chameleon
  32. The Chaos That Has Been and Will No Doubt Return
  33. Character Flaw
  34. A Chip Off the Gold Block
  35. CHOIN
  36. Chokeslam
  37. Chris Cook: The Art Of Taking Part
  38. Chris Tavener is Faking Cool
  39. Christian Dart: Bigger Than The Christmas Turkey
  40. Clownfishing
  41. Cobin Millage: Fifteen Pints With a Wax Figure of Renowned Painter Pablo Picasso
  42. Colin Hoult: Colin
  43. Comedy for the Curious
  44. Cringe
  45. Crying Shame
  46. Darkside
  47. Deeptime Atomic Waste Pleasure Party
  48. Delighted
  49. Diary of a Gay Disaster
  50. Doom & Glitter: A Tribute To Tom Waits
  51. DRUM
  52. The Duchess of Buckingham Regrets to Inform You That Her Husband Is Dead
  53. Duck
  54. The Duncan Brothers: Blood Sword
  55. Edy Hurst's Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Himself
  56. Elaine Robertson: Delulu
  57. The Emu War: A New Musical
  58. Experiment Human
  59. Failure Project
  60. Finding Splashman
  61. Float
  62. For the Love of Spam
  63. FREAK OUT!
  64. The Freemartin
  65. Free Mason
  66. Galentine's Day
  67. Gamble
  68. Glass Crumpet's Best of 2024
  69. Gogo Boots Go
  70. Goldfish
  71. GOOD BOY
  72. The Good Iranian
  73. Granny Norbag Saves The Planet
  74. Grow
  76. Hardly Working
  77. A History of Fortune Cookies
  78. How I Learned to Swim
  79. How to Catch a Book Witch
  80. Hysterical
  81. I am Claire Parry (very funny stand up)
  82. I Did Something I Shouldn't Have
  83. I Really Do Think This Will Change Your Life
  84. I See My Sister
  85. I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
  86. Identities
  87. In Defiance of Gravity
  88. In the Round
  89. In The Sick of It
  90. Instructions
  91. Iona Fyfe
  92. Is the WiFi Good in Hell?
  93. It's the Economy, Stupid!
  94. Jake Donaldson: Spectacle
  95. Joe Kent-Walters is Frankie Monroe: LIVE!!!
  96. Josephine Lacey: Autism Mama
  97. Jukebox Jury
  98. Just Aretha
  99. Kate Hammer: Double Virgin On the Rocks (with a Twist)
  100. Kate-Lois Elliott: How to Belong Without Joining a Cult
  101. Lessons On Revolution
  102. LIFE
  103. LIMBO - a sonata for acrobatic violinist and acrobat
  104. Locomotive For Murder: The Improvised Whodunnit
  105. Logan, A One Woman Show (Because only one of us survived)
  106. Look After Your Knees
  107. Lorna Rose Treen: Skin Pigeon
  108. Lost Girl
  109. Louise Atkinson: She's Got The Look
  110. Love Your Work
  111. Made of Magic – poetry of rage & (be)longing
  112. make the Bed
  113. MANikin
  114. Maria Fedulova: Russian. Mafia. Family.
  115. Mark Nicholas This Is Not The Autistic You Are Looking For
  116. Material Girl
  117. Midsommar
  118. MIME CLUB
  119. Mind Milk
  120. Mitzi Fitz (WIP)
  121. My Brain is Soup, Your Hands are the Spoons
  122. Neurochatter
  123. Non Player Character
  124. Occupational Hazard
  125. Oh, Calm Down
  126. Paper Swans
  127. please DON'T see our show
  128. plewds
  129. Pool's Gold
  130. Psyche
  131. The Queen's Head
  132. Rachel Creeger: Ultimate Jewish Mother
  133. Rice
  134. Rockstar Magician
  135. RTFM (Read The F***ing Manual)
  136. Ruby Carr: eBae
  137. Saint
  138. Sam Dodghon's Memory is Full
  139. Sam Hickford
  140. Sam Hurst Magic! Mayhem! Memes
  141. Sarah Roberts: Silkworm
  142. SAVOY! - Everybody's Doing It
  143. Scaffolding
  144. The Screen Test
  145. Selena Mersey: Madonna/Whore
  146. Seymour Fucking Mace You Cunts
  147. Shapiro: A Pop Star Musical
  148. A Show About Tomorrow
  149. The Shroud Maker
  150. Sian Davies: Band of Gold
  151. Sing, Sign and Sensory
  152. Sisters Three
  153. Sisyphean Quick Fix
  154. Sitting Pretty with Kitty
  155. Snake Boy Takes Manhattan
  156. Son of a Bitch
  157. Sorry (I Broke Your Arms And Legs)
  158. Sour Candi
  159. Steffan Alun and Support: Free Stand-Up, but at What Cost
  160. Stephanie Laing: Rudder
  161. Summoning Sondheim
  162. Surrender
  163. Tam o'Shanter
  164. This Porno does not pass the Bechdel Test
  165. This Show Contains No Maths, and other lies
  166. Tit Swingers
  167. Tom Short – Succes
  168. Turbo Town
  169. Ugly Sisters
  170. waiting
  171. The Weird Sisters
  172. What songs may do...
  173. When Judas Met John: Songs of Dylan and Lennon
  174. Wish You Were Here
  175. With the Best Will in the World
  176. Wood Owl and the Box of Wonders
  177. The World Got So Dumb
  178. Yes, We're Related
  179. Yvonne Hughes is Absolutely Riddled
  180. Zac Zac Zoom: A Story of Wheels and (F)eels

The Assessors (alphabetical):  

30 assessors supported the Fringe Society in reviewing the applications received. 

  1. Alex Howarth
  2. Apphia Campbell, Playwright and performer; Fringe Society elected board member
  3. Ashley Davies
  4. Bec Martin, Artistic Director of New Diorama
  5. Ben Humphrey, Artistic Director / Producer
  6. Charlotte Laidet, Festival Director Leicester Comedy Festival
  7. Chris Cooke, Co-Editor of ThreeWeeks
  8. Dan Kok, Producer/Programmer
  9. Ellen Tupman, member USA Board of Advisors to the Fringe Society
  10. Graeme Farrow, Artistic and Creative Director, Wales Millennium Centre
  11. Gemma Curtis, Head of Programming, Worthing Theatres and Museum
  12. Geoff Rowe, Founder, Leicester Comedy Festival
  13. Hannah Churchill, Freelance Script Reader and Dramaturg
  14. Jake Orr, Freelance Creative Producer
  15. JD Henshaw, Producer & Festival Director
  16. Jess Donn
  17. Jessica Toomey, Director, Frog and Bucket
  18. Kathryn Pierce, Founder/Director of Somewhere and co-Editor of Somewhere: For Us LGBTQ+ magazine
  19. Laura Guthrie, Artist Development Manager, Graeae Theatre Company
  20. Louisa Bartlett-Pestell, Director of Programming and Participation, artsdepot
  21. Live Comedy & Theatre Producer (anonymous)
  22. Matt Panesh, Independent Theatre Maker
  23. Murray Robertson, Arts Writer
  24. Natalia Mallo, Curator
  25. Neil Weir, Chair of Grid Iron Theatre Company and a judge for the Scottish Theatre Awards on the Fringe; Fringe Society Elected Board member
  26. Pax Lowey, Director: Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival and Camp Trans; freelance producer/programmer; elected member of the Fringe Society board
  27. Rachel O'Regan, F-Bomb Theatre
  28. Ruth McCarthy, Artistic Director, Outburst Arts
  29. Sasapin Siriwanij, the Artistic Director of BIPAM (Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting)
  30. Sharon Burgess