Re-Opening of Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar, Edinburgh

The statue of Edinburgh’s weel kent Skye terrier, Greyfriars Bobby, famous for conducting a vigil at his master’s grave in the nearby Greyfriar's Kirk cemetery, is a popular tourist destination.

Right behind it in Candlemaker Row stands the pub of the same name. With a view of the Museum of Scotland from the windows, you feel right in the heart of the capital.  Following a major restoration project, the pub, one of the most famous buildings in Edinburgh, re-opened on 10 July.

“The layout will be familiar, but regulars will see Bobby’s looking much better,” says manager Gillian Newman.

There have been major structural improvements, but more visible are the brand new kitchens and modernised amenities.

The pub now provides table service in the revamped dining area, the informal bar, and the popular secluded snug in the stepped interior that still has original wood panelling.

There is a subtle tartan carpet and various Scottish and Edinburgh themed photos with a special corner showing shots from the 1961 film, Greyfriars Bobby.

While the place looks fresh, it still has a cosy feel aided by the low ceiling.  A fine custom made mirror with an image of Bobby and the date 1873, the year the dog’s statue was unveiled, graces the bar area.

Guests at the launch were treated to samples of the new menu on offer, from chicken wings with peri peri sauce, deep fried brie with onion chutney, nachos, scampi, calamari, olives, burgers with chorizo or blue cheese, shepherd’s pie, tomato soup and of course, fish and chips.

All this was washed down with ‘ponies’ of Deuchars or any drink of choice from the wide selection from the bar.

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