Utter Mess!, Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Review

Utter Mess! -  StoneCrabs Theatre in association with Busu Theatre
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StoneCrabs Theatre in association with Busu Theatre
Franko Figueiredo (writer {with cast} and director), Ines Sampaio (music), Carlos Pina (designer), Fabio Santos (executive producer), Daniela Cristo (assistant producer).
Ines Sampaio and Ecco Shirasaka.
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Welcome!  There is a lot of bowing and welcoming at the start of this meta, devised, metaphorical clown show.

The director has not turned up it appears, but they just crack on, starting with a bit of breathing and vocal exercises for both them and the audience. This will be a journey to find characters and an ending.  It could also be an utter mess!  Perhaps they will find some answers in the Museum of Lost Things in Tokyo.

There is a lot that can be messy in life, take travel as a start with 7 or 8 thousand pieces of paperwork to fill in and then the jetlag and the pressures of fitting into a different culture.  Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself.

While one (Ines) is full of energy, firing off selfies in rock-star poses and waiting for likes, Ecco seems less happy, which could be a problem for a clown.  Its seems that her employers, The Board, think so.  They feel that she has lost her edge, her pizzaz, not to mention her grip on reality and are going to terminate her contract.

In this post-pandemic world, the Board want a sure-fire hit, perhaps about connection with loss, but nobody like clowns anymore.  It seems that grief is spilling over, and it is this that is inducing Ecco’s loneliness, a condition as damaging to the health as smoking or obesity.

Our two clowns see things differently, simultaneously pronouncing the food to be amazing / awful and even horseplay is no laughing matter when you must respect culture.

They must find what they have lost before they can leave the strange museum with its robot receptionist.

There are routines and tricks along the way, and it is all accompanied by live music utilising loops to build the soundtrack.

Connection is at the heart of this creative production, both in its message and its relationship with the audience. What audience members find to take from it is likely to vary but for sure it isn’t an utter mess!

Show Times – 5 to 20 (not 14) August 2022 at 12.35pm.

Tickets - £10 (£8) £26(F)

Suitability – 14+.