Eulogy, The Terrace at Summerhall, Review (2022)

Submitted by Erin Roche on Sun, 7 Aug '22 5.43pm
Eulogy, Darkfield 2022
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Innovators in the cross section of technology and theatre, Darkfield have brought many of their shipping container curiosities to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Eulogy, stationed at Summerhall, is a new one for Fringe audiences of recent years, and delivers on its promise of a surreal, dreamlike journey.

In an enigmatic 30-minute experience, you feel wheeled through a hotel concocted in your mind, as the 360 degree binaural audio drives your sense of reality spiralling deeper and deeper down with the motion of a lift. In the pitch black you grow foggy as you imagine your companion guiding you in a metal laundry cart through an ominous course you’re not sure you can escape from with your life. It’s weirder than you expect, even by this notoriously adventurous company’s standards, with an elusive narrative finish, if there even is one.

Unlike previous Darkfield Fringe installations Coma and Séance, this production has an added element of a microphone, which adds to the interactivity of the piece and ultimately begets a thrilling choose-your-own-adventure feat, leaving the audience wanting to return and try out a different choice.

Very Fringe-y.

For the immersive and sensory-stacked theatre junkies, Darkfield has several more experiences to collect this year; Flight and Séance are playing all month in Scotland’s capital city. Not for the claustrophobic. 

"Follow the right path and don't volunteer to become the subject of the eulogy every guest is preparing to deliver..."

Eulogy tickets: here

 Aug 7-28 | Times vary

Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)