Colin Cloud: Dare, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

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Colin Cloud
Colin Cloud
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Colin Cloud’s skillset is both singular and extraordinary. The forensic mind reader can deduce things about a person without even looking at them, and will use this power to occasionally devastating effect. Prepare to be amazed.

This is Cloud’s fourth year at the Fringe and the aptly named Dare is just as impressive as ever. Dare proves that Cloud is not only confident in his powers of deduction and impression, but willing to bet high stakes that he succeeds in this imperfect art. While it’s certain Cloud would never let any harm come to his audience (he seems far too much of a people person) it is chilling to discover that someone is one multiple choice decision away from stabbing themselves in the head. Don’t worry - without even realising, he will convince you not to.

A particularly impressive display is actually turning the tables and giving an audience member the power to deduce things from him. It’s original and very clever, and staged fabulously with film noir asides.

Amazement is not enough to hold a show together, however incredible it may be. Cloud's charisma makes this a really good performance and he is wonderfully engaging. His act feels like magic; there’s no way he can know the things he does from the sides of a person’s hands. It makes you wonder what havoc he could cause if he ever turned to crime – as he points out, his mind tricks are jedi. It’s promising to sell out pretty speedily, so get your tickets now.

Pleasance Courtyard, 2nd-26th August (not 15th)

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