Storming the Barricades Review

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Claire Evans presents
Claire Evans ,Rosie Hill (creatives)Ben Everett Riley(Music)
Vicky Buxton,Peter Nash,Miranda Jones and Brad Clapson
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Happy hour without any alcohol in sight. ‘Storming the barricades’ is a treat for musical theatre fans.

Set - as a number of these shows are - in audition phase initially, the varied cast of four, supported by Ben Everett Riley on keyboard, kept a smile on your face throughout this simple but nevertheless cleverly devised show.

Instead of a jukebox of pop songs masquerading as a musical this production takes some well-known and not-so-well-known songs from various shows and creates an excellent piece of theatre.

In most cases the songs are delivered as we know them, but when they do an excellent parody of Les Miserables, with references to the film version released this year, it brought audible chuckles.

The four cast members were all excellent and casting was inspired. Vicky Buxton really let it rip with ‘If you can see me know’ from ‘Sweet Charity’ but her expressions and interaction with the other cast members was a highlight.

Brad Clapson was responsible for some of the choreography as well as more than contributing to the musical numbers.

Miranda Jones exudes energy and joy in what she is doing which is infectious and demonstrated her acting skills in the piece in the Inn from Les Miserables.

Peter Nash has the leading man looks and the voice to match and some of his solos were first-class.

All in all a clever show at a comfortable venue.

Show times

Alternating with ‘Keep Smiling Through’ to the 24 Aug, 4.20pm