Marie Curie's Great Big Daffodil

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Whether it’s worn in celebration, in solidarity or in memory of a loved one, every daffodil tells a story, and this year, Marie Curie's Great Daffodil Appeal is going on tour.

The Great Big Daffodil, a 7-foot steel installation with specially designed paper books within its petals, is touring the country to bring people together from across the UK to share the stories of their loved ones.
Every five minutes, someone in the UK dies without getting the care and support they need at the end of their life.

Marie Curie provides much-needed expert care to people with terminal illnesses, as well as supporting their families.

Join us to share a memory, message, tribute, or simply the name or picture of someone special to you on the petals of the Great Big Daffodil.

If you can't visit the daffodil in person, share your memory or heartfelt message with us on social media using the hashtag #EveryDaffodil.

Your stories and tributes collected in Edinburgh will join others across the UK to create a Great Big Daffodil of memories in London on 20 March.

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