Edinburgh Public Holidays

Public holiday in Edinburgh

A Boxing Day Bank Holiday takes place on the 26th December the day after Christmas Day.
A Christmas Day Bank Holiday takes place on the 25th December if it's a weekday.
A day marking Scotland's patron saint and things Scottish.
Today is the Autumn Public Holiday in Edinburgh.
The early May Bank Holiday in Scotland falls on the first Monday of May.
Today is a public holiday in Edinburgh. It's a local holiday, so many businesses will not adhere to it.…
Easter Monday is a local public holiday in Edinburgh held on the day after the Christian celebration of…
Good Friday is part of Easter, a Christian holiday, marking the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.
A public holiday marks the start of the Edinburgh trade holidays fortnight. Many businesses take a holiday…
One of two Scottish Bank Holidays that are observed at the beginning of January.
The new year starts with an extra day off work (for most).
Victoria Day is a public holiday in Edinburgh. The day harks back to the heyday of the British Empire, with…