Good Grief! - Death comes to the Fringe

This year, the charity-run initiative Death on the Fringe, that aims to get us talking about the one thing that faces us all, returns for its fifth year to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The mini-festival draws together shows and lectures within the Fringe that deal with the big issues of death, dying and bereavement. It is curated by Good Life Good Death Good Grief, an alliance of organisations and individuals working to make Scotland more open and supportive around death.

Death on the Fringe, presents audiences with different ways to engage with the topic and aims to break down the fear and discomfort people have when confronted with it.

Sharing experiences, feelings and ideas of this difficult subject through performance is one way to make space for contemplation and to create a more supportive and understanding environment for dealing with death.

Robert Peacock, Director of Death on the Fringe, says, “There’s no shortage of issues being talked about at the Fringe but death is one we can all relate to.

“The arts have never shied away from confronting the big themes; in fact, some might suggest all art is a response to mortality in some way. So, in these times when modern life and modern medicine has distanced us from traditional wisdom and community support around death, we think the arts is one way to reconnect us and help us understand what it means to be mortal.”

The programme features over 20 shows, with more being added and full details can be found on the website

Death on the Fringe takes place across Edinburgh from 1 – 26 August 2018.

Twitter: @DeathOnFringe