Can you catch the East Lothian dragons?

Edinburgh based theatre company Vision Mechanics has a history of creating impressive, other worldly performances in a fusion of aerial artistry, dance, shadow, sound and light.

Building on their 2015 DragonQuest and last year’s Dragon Matrix, they are back with a new augmented reality theatre adventure Dragons of Drummohr in the grand surroundings of Drummohr House near Musselburgh.

This new adventure combines the worlds of gaming and storytelling to create something totally immersive. Rare and protected dragons have descended on the grounds of Drummohr House, and the Dragon Protection League need help to catch them.

The Dragon Bus will take audiences from the Prestongrange Museum Visitors Centre to the site (any more vehicles would disturb the dragons, making them harder to catch!) Using the Dragon Matrix augmented reality app, audiences will be tasked with assisting the Dragon Protection League in finding all the lurking mythical beasts inside the house and around the grounds, aided and abetted by trolls, fairies and red herrings.

Huge light installations and sculptures will transform the forest into another world, with clues to follow and puzzles to solve in the elusive structures hidden between the trees. Giant dragons, both real and augmented, loom out of the shadows. There are fairy settlements to stumble across, and goblins hiding in the cobwebbed corners of the old Drummohr mansion.

Dragon Matrix, sponsored by East Lothian Council, was attended by over 5,000 people last year and was a finalist in the Scottish Thistle Awards, Best Cultural Event or Festival.

East Lothian Council’s Cabinet Spokesperson for Economic Development and Tourism, Councillor John McMillan, said, “…. There’s a huge interest in fantasy, adventure and dragons through a huge variety of media including novels, TV series, movies and gaming so I expect this event, which promises to turn this fantastic world of dragons and adventure into reality, will be hugely well attended. ….”

Free art workshops, made possible through the generous support of CashBack for Creativity and Awards for All, will be available to Primary 6 and 7 aged children for three weeks, starting on 11th September, where they will learn to make a huge, glittering Dragon Scarer. As dragons are a protected species, they need to be encouraged not to land in areas where they could be harmed - this is where a Dragon Scarer comes in handy. A Scarer is a large pole covered in flapping flags and banners. The Scarers made in East Lothian’s schools will then become part of the Dragons of Drummohr event series in October.

Parking and the start point for The Dragon Bus shuttle:
Prestongrange Museum
Morrisons Haven
EH32 9RX
The Bus will be back and forth every 5-10 minutes.
You will be dropped at the Dragon Protection League Head Quarters in Drummohr House & Grounds. f: /VMDragonMatrix t: @VMDragonMatrix

10th – 29th October 2017 (not Mondays)
Showings: 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.00, 20.30
Preview/ Full price (incl. Dragon Bus return ticket)
Child: £8.00 / £10.00
Family £9.00 / £10.50
Concession £10.00 / £12.00
Adult £12.00 / £14.00

For tickets: