Surveillance, theSpace on North Bridge, Review

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Anomaly Theatre Company
Jack Jackman (writer/director/producer/music)
Ry Herman (Clifford/Ryan), Alyssa Muego (Miranda/SnappyFace), Thomas Jaffray (Noah/Tony), Jack Jackman (Nigel).
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‘Anomaly Theatre Company’ debuts Surveillance at this year’s Fringe, promising a dark exploration into technology’s tight grip on our modern society. They certainly deliver, with three twisted tales based in a future that is not far off.

Stickers placed on lapels as the audience enter the space, read ‘Tagged by SnappyFace’. A reminder that Big Brother is always watching. The main theme is that ‘Privacy is dead.’ From the security cameras watching your every move, to quirky social media who sell your data with a smile, all the way to inserting a micro-chip under your skin.

The production is stripped back, there is no need for fancy props or set, they let the writing speak for itself. The script is truly captivating. It acts as both a warning of impending doom and a humorous sketch. There is a deep connection to humanity throughout; a broken relationship which creates war, revenge on the sexist IT office and intense feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. Despite the focus being on technology, in truth this is more about how technology is manipulating human flaws and emotion in order to succeed. A delicate balance that Jackman has managed to perfect.

There is a calm sense to the actors, a disconnection from the chaos of the situation, like Hindu cows to the slaughter. There is even a disconnection from each other on stage, as their eyes rarely meet and their graze never held for long. This allows for the dry, dead-pan humour but perhaps is also a comment on our disengagement as a society to the havoc of technological advancement. We are still mostly concerned with missing our ex, the car who cut us off on the way to work and unrequited love. This is our real undoing.

An incredibly intelligent and funny piece of work, from a company that has (ironically) a very bright future.


Dates and Times: 12-17 August, 11.20am. 19-24 August, 9.10pm.

Suitability: 16+

Prices: £10 (Concession: £8