Marmite, Gilded Balloon, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Limerence Productions
Hallam Breen and Phoebe Simmonds (Writers and Directors), Lucy Russell (Producer), Tom King (Production/Marketing Manager), Ben Orr (Stage Manager), Milo McAleny (Graphic Designer)
Matt Pettifor, Jonas Moore, Rosanna Hitchen
Running time

Returning after the success of their first Fringe show last year, Limerence Productions brings a story about love, relationships, balance and gay monogamy.

Marmite is the story of a relationship. A modern, possibly open not-quite-sure-relationship trying to follow rules and disregard them at the same time. Eddie (Jonas Moore) and Dylan (Matt Pettifor) click instantly when they meet at a bar, both escaping disastrous dates; what follows is a whirlwind of emotions and potential, portrayed very realistically and with plenty of gay humour as the two young men become closer, move in together and eventually the word love slips out. Cue Eddie’s older sister Rosie (Roseanna Hitchin), a bride to be, who unsanctimoniously referees from the sidelines, delivering the funniest lines of the play perfectly deadpan.

Navigating post-uni life, the upcoming wedding and family opinions of homosexuality, the two tumble along just fine together until the question on monogamy is raised. What do they expect? What do they want? Can it work both ways? The brutal honestly of the situation, where an audience can see exactly what’s happening at every point and can sympathise with each person, is some pretty good writing.

Marmite is side splittingly funny more often than not, with easy as breathing, adorable banter between the three characters. It is warm and open hearted and explores both the internal and external concept of a gay relationship in 2018 with tact and honesty, and is one of the best real life stories you’ll see at the fringe.

Until the 26th