Heroine, Assembly Hall, Review

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Scene Change Productions
Susan Worsfold (Director)
Mary Jane Wells
Running time

A world premiere as part of Made in Scotland 2018, Heroine is a intimate retelling of rape survivor Danna Davis’ story. Remarkably performed by Mary Jane Wells, this very human story delves into the healing process and what it really means to give forgiveness.

In her 10 years of service in the US Army Danna Davis was promoted within her first two years and gained a purple heart medal. However she also faced gender and sexuality prejudices, physical and mental abuse as well as sexual abuse. Playing every part in this story, Mary Jane Wells, recounts the trauma and explains Danna’s truth.

Laced with black humour, which is a necessity to lighten this otherwise harrowing tale, Danna Davis’ story is not all doom and gloom but a tale of strength, love and hope.

An outstanding performance from Mary Jane Wells who, despite her recent leg injury, held the audience in the palm of her hand as she drew out the story before them. Each character receives such care in its delivery, from the irish therapist to her mother, and even the men who raped her.

Unfortunately the lengthy ending becomes slightly self-indulgent in its technical effects, causing mild confusion and a want for more of Mary Jane Wells’ gripping storytelling to commence uninterrupted.

Runs 2- 27 Aug