The Naked Magicians, Assembly Rooms, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Samuel Klingner Entertainment
Christopher Wayne, Mike Tyler
Running time

This show does exactly what it promises. You want magic? A cheeky wee bit of nudity? Look no further.

I say cheeky wee bit. There’s nothing ‘wee’ about it. Right from the off it’s clear these two, Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne are big personalities. This is an R rated show. Do not be deceived.

As soon as the show begins the jokes come thick and fast. Tongue in cheek, implicit, explicit; by the end of the show you’ll have heard (and seen) it all. The magicians strike up an instant bond with their audience with their presence, charisma, and copious amounts of sphallolalia, and make sure we know what we’re in for. Once the warnings are out of the way, the magic begins.

From card tricks to rope magic Tyler and Wayne can do it all. There’s a touch of mentalism in a couple of tricks, and further into the show they even attempt escapism in an effort to determine who will lose their clothes first. And they mean all of them. It’s a top hat or nothing.

The tricks themselves are classics, framed with titillation. The magic is deft and professional, and pretty amazing, but it’s clear the selling point of the show is the nudity. Several audience participation moments are made hilarious by the fact that there is precious little between them and their hosts, so if you sit near the front, watch out!

Slick, rude and wonderfully entertaining, Wayne and Tyler make no apologies. A night you’ll remember!

10-27 August, 9.45pm