Well Sung, The Other Guys, the Space@Symposium Hall, Review

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The Other Guys All-Male A Capella Ensemble
Backstreet medley (Ryan Hubner) originally by the Backstreet Boys; St Andrean Skies (Charles Mcglone / Laurence Pemberton / Matt Buchan) an original composition by OscarFoxley; Hey Ya (Tristan Weller / Laurence Pemberton) originally by Outkast; Loch Lomond (Tristan Weller / Matt Buchan) trad. Arrangement by the Kings Singers; It's Raining Men (Charles McGlone / George Kakas) Originally by the Weather Girls / Abba; Colder Weather (Ryan Hubner) originally by the Zac Brown Band; Run to you, originally by the Pentatonix; Royal Romance (Laurence Pemberton); Hard to say goodbye (Xander Johnson / Ryan Hubner) originally by Boys 2 Men; St Andrew's Girls (Ryan Hubner / Matt Buchan). 
Matt Buchan, Ryan Hubner, Xander Johnson, Duncan Bristow, Laurence Pemberton, Charles McGlone, Tristan Weller,George Kakas.
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We were left in no doubt that the eight guys around the twenty age mark were thoroughly enjoying themselves in a particularly well rehearsed performance of well known semi classical songs, a cappella, with no musical backup. Their common thread was the University of St Andrew's and proud they were of it. We quickly learned about that north east corner of Fife and were reminded of a right royal couple, who ten years earlier, had studied at St Andrew's. It took me a few minutes to join in with their joie de vivre, but once there it stayed with me throughout.

The Other Guys were founded in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to bring the American tradition of collegiate a cappella to the University town of St Andrews, and since have rapidly grown to become, they say, the premier all-male a cappella ensemble in Scotland. Combining the classical with the contemporary, their philosophy has always been to entertain.

All students at the University of St Andrews, the group is equally at home performing at fashion shows, music festivals, balls, charity events, birthdays and everything in between. Their reputation has become synonymous with great harmony, great humour and suspect dance moves! Raising money for charity has always been central to the group’s ethos, with several successful charity music videos under their belts.

They are an interesting group and their performance is well worth watching.

Performance reviewed: Tuesday 16th August 2016 at 16:30,with further performances until 20th August 2016