The Joe Corrie Project - “Cage Load of Men”, St Bride's, Review

Submitted by maxb on Thu, 7 Aug '14 10.12pm
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The Bowhill Players
The Bowhill Players
Willie Hershaw, David Hershaw, Roseann Gooder, Fiona Forbes, Kelly Buchanan, Sandie Forbes, Jenn Knussen, Erik Knussen, Louise Timney, Kirk Suennes, Davey Stewart
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The Acoustic Music Centre can boast the hosting of many famous performers but on Saturday 8th August, Fife poet, songwriter, miner and social activist, Joe Corrie will be centre stage. The Bowhill Players, a collection of quality musicians from a variety of backgrounds present an hour long “folk musical” and poetic biography of this man, well known in his time and still revered in the Fife coal villages.

Fronted by Willie Hershaw, the Joe Corrie Project has captured and fixed the memory of a man who loved his community and its way of life. Erik Knussen, once a professional double bassist, has project managed what is in effect a story-telling performance, to fruition and this work has helped bring a revival of interest of Joe.

Singers Rosann Gooder sounding like Joan Baez only better, and Fiona Forbes sing perfectly through the pieces and each musician gets to let fly for a short time with their contribution to the story. In fact it’s fair to say that all the Bowhill Players have strength in depth, much of which is put aside for this show.

But ultimately the man is the message and the Bowhill Players are more than able to bring him and his world to life. The music is a step aside from the usual folk traditions and needs a wee bit of concentration on the words. Joe Corrie’s message was not some folksy philosophy but based in the contemporary belief that acting in a socially responsible way was to the ultimate benefit of all citizens.

Saturday 9th August 5.30 £8.00