re:Fujisan, Zoo Southside, Review

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Takashi Haseyama (Producer, Choreographer), Riki Shinohara (Lighting), Akane Washiyama (Visual Jocky)
Naoyasu Onogawa, Tomohiro Suzuki, Akihiro Nakayama, Tomoko Iyoda (dancers)
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Japanese culture and art transposed into the context and frame of the Edinburgh Fringe can often create its own special vibe and LaN-T003 present a show of pleasing chaos and order.

Dance can sometimes be interpretive or thematic or even just bat-shit crazy. This group manage all three! It's strong meat and not for every one but if you allow yourself to experience the event, to just watch and absorb the spectacle that unfolds before you, it can be a very rewarding hour.

The show transitions though an enormous range of styles: street, break, stacato and modern. Interspersed throughout is a sense of humour and some wonderful exploring of creativity with a backdrop projection. The interaction with this familiar device is ingenious and presents some quite wonderful and memorable images.

Avant Garde doesn't quite cover what this group do; they stretch, distort and bend what we call dance into strange shapes and patterns and consequently create a dynamic like no other on the Fringe.

It must also be mentioned that the technical support in light, sound and media reaches a level in this show that other companies should aspire to.

They need to be seen and appreciated for what they are: different, contra and definitely unique.

Aug 9-10, 12-16 at 11:10am.
Prices range from £5 to £11.50