Sulle Labbra Tue Dolcissime (On Your Honey Lips) Review

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Francesca Selva's Dance Company
Choreographer Francesca Selva and Video Artist Giovanni Mezzedim. Stage director: Marcello Valassina Assistant manager: Silvia Leonardi Promoter: Antonio Locafaro
Dancers: Silvia Bastianelli; Alessandra Coda Padelletti; Melania Pellegrino; Andrea Rampazzo; Francesco Russo
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Dance is undoubtedly a universal language. It doesn't matter who or where or from what culture the dancers come from, movement, gesture, shape all speak directly to us and this show has a lot to tell us.

There are five dancers and they are on stage virtually the whole time. It is apparent from the beginning to the end the depth of their talent and commitment to their art.

The stage at Zoo Southside was made for this kind of performance, wide, deep, tall a perfect framing for an explosion of physical exposition and interpretation. The presence and strength of these dancers is phenomenal and their exploration of the tedium of life and our attempts to hide our real feelings a masterclass in dance.

The expression of emotion is completely accessible and the choice of costumes adds to the immediate impact of this piece.

The relationship between the music which is varied and constantly changing and the back projection is sometimes difficult to follow, but the dancers act as a constant theme tying the whole piece together.

For anyone who enjoys dance this should be one of your top shows to go and see this year at the Fringe. 

Times: 10-27 August (not 20th), 4.40pm (5.35pm)

Tickets: £14 (£12)