Company Review

Rating (out of 5)
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One Academy Productions
Dominic Hill (director), David Higham (musical supervisor), Lynne Bustard (choreography)
Douglas Walker (Bobby) + 14 excellent cast members
Running time

Great ‘Company’ to spend an afternoon indoors with even if the sun was shining in Edinburgh!

This show is Stephen Sondheim’s music and lyrics, and while not as melodic as some of his rivals', there is as usual a couple of showstoppers among the more mundane and it does not fail with a cracker in the first half, but has a barnstorming ‘Side by Side’ and ' What would we do without you’ after the interval.

Yes, I said interval because we get the full works here: nearly 2 ½ hours of music and dance from some of the best students in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

The story is a bit like an extended version of ‘Friends’ to music, but the difference is that all his friends are married or about to get married. It’s our hero Bobby’s 35th birthday and he has been playing the field successfully for many years without the need to get married.

The plot is a series of scenes with various couples demonstrating why it may be best to stay on the side lines of relationships even if you crave ‘Company'.

All the actors are excellent; Douglas Walker holds the stage impressively in the central role and caps a fine performance with his big number ‘Being Alive’. Keeping track of who was with who was difficult, but special mention to Amy Brewer as an imperious Joanne.

Jocelyn Regina plays the dim but nice April to perfection while Rikki Browne plays the rebel girl Marta convincingly. Harry (Ryan Paterson) and Sarah (Keisha Fraser) are very authentic as the rowing couple with secrets.

This is a touch of Broadway at the Fringe and the Director Dominic Hill and Choreographer Lynne Bustard really excel with that big number at the start of the second half. It was up there with some of the quality of the best shows visiting the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Show Times: Runs to 27 Aug (not 13 & 20), 4:20pm

Ticket Prices: £12.50-£14.50 (concessions £10.50-£12.50)