Mozart and Handel Chamber Choir Review

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Scottish Chamber Choir with the St Giles’ Chamber Ensemble
Michael Harris (conductor), Carine Tinney (soprano), Dorothea Harris (soprano), Joseph Doody (tenor), Mike Towers (tenor), Hugh Hillyard-Parker (bass).
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A Summer evening with the High Altar of the Cathedral as the backdrop set the scene for a very polished concert of three sacred pieces of music. It was also the final concert for Michael Harris who is stepping down as Music Director of The Scottish Chamber Choir after twelve years. His successor, Roddy Bryce, was in the audience.

Handel’s Utrecht Te Deum was written in England whilst Handel was on leave from his post in Hanover. But it was to be part of the cause of his dismissal since the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 had not been in the Hanoverian interest.

A few years later Handel was commissioned by the Duke of Candos to write twelve anthems for his private chapel. We heard the Chandos Anthem Let God Arise, with its text from Psalms 68 and 76. Both Joseph Doody, tenor, and Carine Tinney, soprano, excelled in their solos.

After the interval came Mozart’s Mass in C Major which is sometimes known as the Organ Solo Mass. We heard the chamber organ playing the Benedictus which is why the Mass is so called. Throughout the concert and particularly at this stage the front desk of violins were showing us their enthusiasm and joy, and together with the smiles from the Choir, it all went to make a very special concert.

Event: Sunday 15 August, 8pm