Dyslexia the Musikal Review

Edinburgh Festival review
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Belt Buckle Theatre
Joel Redgrave (Director), James Frewer (Musical Director)
James Robinson (Adrian), Flauntet (Georgie Martin), Monica Zowert (Eva), Tom Walters (Adam)
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If you do not know anyone in the cast or the band then Dyslexia the Musikal is maybe not for you. One of the important people around a theatre company is a ‘critical friend’ and that person should have been advising the members of Belt Buckle Theatre that this production is not worthy of some good actors and the supporting band.

There are some good performances among the cast notably James Robinson as Adrian Blurb, Monica Zowert as Eva and Tom Walters as Adam make a good pairing.

The plot is about two young people in search of a cure for their dyslexia and fall into the hands of unscrupulous higher education college keen to make money. A side plot is a third student Jess, the niece of Adrian Blurb who enrols to try and regain the family fortune stolen by her uncle.

As a plot it has some merit, but the vehicle of scenes notable for fairly young humour, gyrations, dialogue and strong language just looked like an end of term revue for friends and fellow students. The best songs are plagiarised versions of well known songs.

The cast are talented but for me this did not work. This show is aimed at 14+ but it seemed to be teenagers who chuckled at some of the humour and the gratuitous simulations and gyrations. The show is in a smart hotel entered via Niddry Street - possibly the poshest toilets on the Fringe.

Til 14 Aug, 2.15pm

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