Adding an Edinburgh Event

This page provides guidelines about Adding an Edinburgh Event. Please read this before submitting an event.

It's free to add an Edinburgh Event listing in the Edinburgh calendar, however you will first need to register for an account.

The events submission form works best for events that take place over one or a small number of days as times for each day must be added separately.

It's not always practical for longer-running events such as gallery exhibitions and long-running theatre shows.

If the event is part of a major recurring event such as one of Edinburgh's Festivals or smaller annual festival type events such as Doors Open Day then it will be already in the calendar.

* Please note the events calendar is not for festival events, commercial services (this includes lessons or workshops that require payment).

Contact us about listing these or adding bulk listings.

Guidelines for Listing Edinburgh Events

  • The event should be in Edinburgh

  • Please don't include duplicate Events

  • The event listing should not be offensive, obnoxious, spam, etc.

  • The event photo should reveal more about the event, but should be not a poster or textual advertisement and you need to have permission to use it.

  • Please double-check the listing information is correct and accurate before submitting.

Style guidelines

  • After selecting the relevant venue(s), you shouldn't need to add venue information in the event description field. Where the venue is not in our system you can leave a note at the end of the form with the details of the venue to be added for the editor. Information on adding a venue.
  • Try to avoid links in the bodytext.

After Saving the Event

  • Each Edinburgh listing goes into a queue to be checked by an editor.
  • The listing information may be edited for brevity, relevancy, or accuracy purposes.
  • If the event information requires significant editing then your listing will then become locked.
  • If a submitted event is deemed inappropriate, incomplete, requires too much editing, or does not keep to our guidelines it may be rejected.
  • In some instances, to avoid spam and to help maintain accuracy, we may also need to verify who you are.

After the Event has been saved and gone live

  • You may be able to edit the event, but the same guidelines apply above.

Add An Edinburgh Event