Adding a Venue

If you have registered for an account you will see an option for adding a listing to our Edinburgh venues

Before submitting an Edinburgh venue listing you should check these guidelines.

When to add a place as a venue

  • We need venues for events and for reviews. If you are adding an event or review and the venue is not in our system then it needs to be added. Please make sure the venue has not been added already - see our venues page or search for the venue.

The venue should also not be:

Adding the Venue

  • Click on "Create Content" and choose "Venue".
  • Venue Name Name of the venue
  • Location Address with post code (required).
  • Telephone box office The booking number
  • Post code You'll need to add a postcode to submit the form or else it will complain.
  • Body A brief description of the venue. It can be just a one-liner.

After adding the Venue

  • Once you have filled in all the relevant details and clicked on "save", the listing does not go live instantly but goes into a queue where it is checked over by an editor for posting.
  • Please ensure the venue details are accurate before saving the form.