Adding an Edinburgh Restaurant

It is free to add an Edinburgh Restaurant, however you must first register for an account on to do so.

Before Adding the Restaurant

Before adding a restaurant please check that we do not already have the restaurant in our system.

You can find Edinburgh restaurants here ( ).

Adding the Restaurant

If it is an Edinburgh restaurant * and it is not in the system, then you can log in and add it using our form.

Please keep the description of the restaurant to around 100-150 words. This may be edited.

After adding the Restaurant

Once you have filled in all the relevant details and clicked on "save", the listing does not go live instantly but goes into a queue where it is checked over by an editor for posting.

Editing the Restaurant details

Once the listing has been submitted you will not be able to edit it unless we can establish you are the owner or that you represent the owner of the restaurant.

* If the restaurant is outside Edinburgh, but local and exceptional, we may still list it. Contact us about this