Three Edinburgh Trams Options, One Square.

Submitted by edg on Fri, 24 Jun '11 7.54pm

With Edinburgh City Council's crunch vote on the future of the trams due on Thursday 30th June we should at least agree on the name of the destination. Of the three options, the one recommended by the authors of the Edinburgh Tram Project report, is to build the tram into the City Centre.

The report also offers another three options for the actual name of the destination:

Option 1: "St Andrew Square" (the official name of the New Town's famous Georgian square)

Option 2: "St Andrew's Square"

Option 3: "St Andrews Square"

Option 2 and Option 3 are included in the tram business case audit by Atkins, the engineering and design consultancy. The firm's figures have also been questioned, but that's another matter.

The naming confusion has spread to even the national newspapers (e.g. The Scotsman has "St Andrew Square", The Guardian has St Andrew's Square, while The Herald prefers to drop the apostrophe for "St Andrews Square").

Maybe I'm being too picky? It's not like they gave the famous Square a sex change.

Maybe we should be thankful that the managers of the beleaguered project are saving local tax-payers a few quid by cutting back on proofreaders?