Forage & Chatter

1A Alva St
Edinburgh Area

Forage & Chatter is a new restaurant concept which opened in Edinburgh’s West End in mid-November. The method behind the madness is to bring locally sourced Scottish cuisine from a 25-mile radius to the diners.
With earthy, rustic themes running throughout, Forage & Chatter puts an emphasis on the brilliance of Scotland's local produce, found within a 25-mile radius of the restaurant in order to promote locality and fresh foraged finds.
The restaurant is decorated with different types of plants, surrounded by open brick work and dim lighting to enhance the theme of foraging, foliage and hidden treasures. Additionally, the booths are furnished with Balmoral tweed over the seats. Each section is different and provides for contrasting atmospheres; more intimate upon entry and then a busier dining area set against the backdrop of a Stucco Veneziano wall showpiece. Up the stone stairs is a raised area with purple chairs and lighting creating a family friendly, fine dining aura.

So, come and have a rummage!

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