Edinburgh's First Care Home ‘Trishaw’ Taken For A Spin

Submitted by edg on Wed, 27 Mar '19 4.36pm

Elderly Edinburgh residents at Inch View Care Home celebrated the delivery of Edinburgh’s first care home ‘trishaw’ today by taking it for a spin.

The rickshaw style vehicle can comfortably seat two residents at a time and will be propelled by volunteer cyclists through Inch Park.

The initiative has been funded by donations, Cycle Without Age and National Lottery Funding following a campaign by the Inch View Care Home itself.

"The trishaw has arrived in perfect time for Spring which means our residents can get that bit more active and closer to nature as the weather gets milder and the local park starts to bloom," said Care Home Manager Jane Brown.

“It can be difficult for some of our residents to socialise or to get outside and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits a visit to the park can bring. But, thanks to our amazing volunteers who will donate their time to make these journeys possible, the trishaw is going to change that. We can’t wait to get out into the park and surrounding area. I can’t thank the staff and our sponsors enough for making this a reality.”

Stuart McKenzie, a volunteer at the assisted living home, said: "We arranged a trishaw try-out last summer which was a great success. I recall smiling faces and excited voices as everyone took their turn for a spin around Inch Park. I, along with our other volunteers, look forward to being able to offer daily outings and build new friendships with the residents of Inch View."

Inch View resident Joan, aged 96, added: “Getting out on the bike felt magical, it was wonderful, I felt so alive.”