Scottish Election 2016 by Numbers

Submitted by edg on Wed, 4 May '16 9.12am

Candidates from all political parties are making a final push today, the eve of the Scottish Parliament Election 2016.

Whether it's health spending or independence, tuition fees or fracking, that is uppermost in mind, voters are being urged to check they know when, where and how to vote in tomorrow's Election.

Here are some Scottish Election numbers:

  • 366,000 The approximate number of people registered to vote in the Scottish Parliament Election 2016 – around 70,000 of these are postal voters.

  • 16 The age at which you can vote. This is the first Parliamentary election where 16 and 17-year-olds have been able to vote.
  • 6 The number of constituencies in Edinburgh – Edinburgh Central, Edinburgh Eastern, Edinburgh Northern & Leith, Edinburgh Pentlands, Edinburgh Southern and Edinburgh Western. The Lothian Region also includes the three constituencies Almond Valley, Linlithgow and Midlothian North & Musselburgh.
  • 27 individual candidates standing across Edinburgh’s constituencies. Nine parties are contesting the seven seats available for the Lothian Region, with a total of 67 candidates involved.
  • 145 The number of buildings that will be used as polling places housing 356 polling stations. Each station will have two ballot boxes – one for the lilac Constituency paper and one for the peach coloured Region paper.
  • 1000+ The number of polling staff employed by the Council to assist the public in casting their vote – with one presiding officer and at least one polling assistant in each polling station. On the night of the count, there will be another 1200 count staff tallying votes.
  • 8526 The area in m² of the count venue - Highland Hall at the Royal Highland Centre. This is bigger than the size of a professional football pitch.
  • 261,165 The number of votes cast in the UK General Election last year. That's a 73.01% voter turnout. For the Scottish Referendum in 2014, Edinburgh saw a record 84% turnout, with almost 320,000 people casting their votes.
  • 8.7% The percentage of Scotland’s electorate in Edinburgh. The capital is second, behind Glasgow.
  • 700 The number of yellow post-its. There will also be 500 black bin bags, 145 sets of pliers and 1068 fingerettes used during the day.
  • 3 different types of polling booths used in Edinburgh – aluminium, wood and cardboard.
  • 7am to 10pm The hours that the polls are open for voting on Thursday 5 May 2016.