Experience Top Gear Supercar driving around Scotland

For local residents around Edinburgh or the Borders and especially for the visitor to the Capital, an exciting and innovative style of car hire has arrived.

Whether you need to rent a car for a day, a week, a touring holiday, for business or pleasure, Arkvendor, (Edinburgh and Berwickshire), has a prestige collection of modern design classic cars.

Now you can plan a magical, memorable, Top Gear-style motoring adventure.

Especially designed for touring the rough terrain of Highland glens, the designer supermodel Range Rover Evoque 4 x 4 combines a luxurious leather interior with powerful performance from the diesel engine and automatic transmission.

With five stars for safety and security, it’s described by What Car? as “Stylish, good to drive and with desirability that none of its rivals can match.”

On a recent trip touring Loch Lomond, I had the pleasure of being driven as a passenger in a very smart black and gold Evoque. Enjoying the ride, I appreciated the smooth acceleration on the motorway as well as the manoeuvring ability along flooded, mud-splattered roads, due to the automatic six gear paddle shift. Loved the heated seats on a cold winter’s day too!.

Originally launched in 1999, with multi awards for design and engineering, the Audi TT Coupe is seen as the most desirable car for an exhilarating driving experience. The four cylinder engine offers supercar acceleration with sharp steering; for a speedy sports car, it’s economical and reliable, practical yet sophisticated with interior space and comfort.

The petrol head boys on Top Gear are impressed, which speaks volumes: “ a bona fide small sports coupe for literally all seasons …. fast, refined and fantastic to drive” .

For a unique weekend adventure for a couple of friends, who could resist taking a classic Caterham out for a leisurely spin?. The Caterham 7, based on the former Lotus 7, is widely regarded as being one of the most thrilling sports cars around. With the wind in your face, this open-top, road legal Race-car has precision steering, racing suspension in its ultra lightweight construction.

“ A Caterham is no ordinary car. It represents the peak of driving involvement, offering a sophisticated package of handling, road holding and ride, maximising your contact with the road and your driving skills.”

Arkvendor also has another cool, classy Retro vehicle. A sunflower yellow VW Campervan T2 is a five seater, sleeping four people, with hob, grill and cooking utensils, Pop up roof, DVD/CD and Satnav unit. At a campsite, you can hook up to the mains for power.

Renting a Campervan offers the most nostalgic dream vacation in this stylish “Tent on wheels”. The iconic VW Campervan is a beloved symbol of cultural heritage, representing getaway outdoor freedom and traditional family holidays.

Today, what is increasingly popular is to rent a Campervan for a Wedding and indeed for your Honeymoon – the ultimate, romantic great escape.

With the choice of these unique cars to rent, the emphasis is not just on the destination, but on experiencing the journey, your own memorable road trip adventure.