Without Sin (2023), Summerhall, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Thu, 10 Aug '23 6.56pm
Without Sin (2023), Summerhall, Review
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Unqualified Design Company
Lead Artist: Shane Sugrue
Dramaturg & Producer: Hugh Farrell
Industrial & Furniture Designer: Barry Todd
Sound and Interaction Designer: Josh Wilkinson
Graphic Designer: Bláthnaid Conroy
Design Manager: Amy Learmonth
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Intimate, astonishingly endearing and not to be missed, Without Sin is a two-person, immersive experience by Irish company Unqualified Design Studio reclaiming the confessional as “a non-judgmental exercise in healing and reflection”

A wooden, two-door box painted black and complete with neon sign ‘SIN’ sits in the Summerhall Courtyard. Step through into your side for a serene and restorative 20-minute session of sharing rather than shame.

No need to start into, “Bless me father for I have sinned…”, a voice in the headphones will welcome you into a short meditation before you enter into the exchange with your partner, whether they are a friend, significant other, relative or, for the best experience, a person you’ve never met. 

Alongside this voice, a dim and comforting light will guide you, but ultimately the show and the connection within it will be cultivated by you and your partner alone. Though you are both separated by the notorious divider, Without Sin bridges the disconnection of the digital age and creates a space to breathe and support. 

Best to leave veiled the touching surprises that await (and to leave this particular experience a sacred secret between my confidante and me), but go forth and purchase a ticket to what is sure to be a beautiful harbour in what is often a frenzied month. 

In lieu of any penance, your absolution may just be a corner of connection in a time of isolation, the warmth of your partner’s kindness or a hug from a (former) stranger. 

10-13, 15-20, 22-27 Aug; Times vary

Warnings and additional info: Audience participation. Each performance accommodates a two-person audience. Each ticket guarantees entry for one person; audiences are welcome to buy two tickets per performance to enter the box in pairs, or to buy one ticket and attend with a stranger.