Oh My Heart, Oh My Home, Summerhall, Review

Oh My Heart - Oh My Home - Casey Jay Andrews
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Casey Jay Andrews.
Casey Jay Andrews (writer / designer / video designer), George Jennings & Jack Brett (composers), Dominic Allen & Steve Mccourt (directors), Rachel Sampley (lighting designer), Rachel Sampley (video designer), George Jennings (sound designer), Maike Hitzeroth, Eleanor Strong, Lydia Reed, Jack Brett (design assistants).
Casey Jay Andrews, Jack Brett (musician).
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This is the story of a house, but it’s bigger than that.

Gathered around an intricate, if time-worn, dolls house we hear the unfolding tale of Freddie’s return to her family home and along the way receive tips on how to view a meteor storm.

Not that she is an expert on meteors, but her astrophysicist sister is, monitoring near Earth objects and the returning comets, giant balls of dust and ice.  Meteor showers happens when our planet pushes through the comet debris, each a reminder of a “near” miss.

While any galaxy is always moving away the family have always gravitated to this old house, orbiting Grandad Howard who is their constant, like the spin of the earth.

Born during a meteor storm as thick as snow it’s time to return after 33 years, her birthday gift. Since the death of her grandmother, Howard has been making a new life, taking cookery classes and planting trees, a balance between holding on and letting go.

For Freddie friends have drifted, dynamics shifted and things have gotten smaller. She is back to distance herself from loneliness.  Here there is sanctuary and a place of solace, imprinted with memories and where family landmarks imbue the landscape with meaning.  But there is always a chance that things can crash and burn.

This gentle poetic, folkloric tale is warmly and energetically told with live music.  The dolls house “set” opens to reveal a miniature self set in a landscape, the walls bearing video while the rooms are uncovered to give up their memories.

A haunting reminder of the importance of wonder, the fragility of life and the importance of only worrying about the things you are in control of.


Show Times: 2 -27 (not 14, 21) August 2023 at 1.15pm.

Tickets: £15 (£13).

Suitability: 12+ (contains strong language/swearing).