Marjolein Robertson: Thank God Fish Don't Have Hands, The Stand Comedy Club 2, Review (2022)

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Marjolein Robertson / The Stand Comedy Club
Marjolein Roberston
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If you're wondering where the title "Thank God Fish Don't Have Hands" comes from, Marjolein Roberston set the record straight: it is not an anti-evolution stance; it was just a joke born out of a COVID fever dream. 

Hailing from Shetland, Marjolein is clearly a born storyteller who has thankfully picked up the habit of taking some of her worst moments and memories and turning them into jokes for our comedic benefit. 

I booked this show specifically to hear her talk about her experience with ADHD. If you're a person with ADHD, you know that once diagnosed, you can trace almost everything in your life to ADHD, and Roberston is no different. 

She gives us a full 45 minutes of self-deprecating stories that make her so likeable you feel that you could easily just go for a pint afterwards; then, she divulges the still very funny but truly heartfelt tale of her diagnosis.

Anyone who has been clinically (or is self) diagnosed with ADHD will feel that they're looking into a mirror as she talks about her struggles with executive function, object permanence, and time blindness.

Stories of the Shetland delicacy "reesit mutton", questionable goals during her Uni days, and the classic small town "is he cute or is he my cousin" dilemma had the audience (which by the way was so full the staff had to hunt for extra chairs) roaring with laughter. 

If you aren't neurodivergent, you'll love her. If you are neurodivergent, you'll love her even more.