Love Me Or I'll Kill Myself, Zoo Playground, Review

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Faith Brandon and Jonathan Young
Faith Brandon (Co-writer), Jonathan Young (Director/Co-writer)
Faith Brandon
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What happens when you grow up on a steady diet of Sex and The City and watch Carrie return to Big time and time again no matter how badly he hurts her? For Faith Brandon, you create a one-woman show called Love Me or I'll Kill Myself.

The show is based on her experience with a traumatic breakup in 2017 and the subsequent attempt to get him back, and then a complete mental breakdown that followed it all.

In the beginning, Faith says one of us will fall in love with her by the end and chooses someone to join her on stage and, throughout the show, asks them questions from Arthur Aron's "The 36 Questions That Lead to Love". No matter their answer, Faith never skipped a beat as if it was all written to be exactly like that. 

The show and Faith's performance felt manic and a bit over the top - but I think it was supposed to. With a few well used props, brilliant physicality, and very dramatic mood lighting, she takes us on her journey with her as if we were there all along, from falling in love to Barcelona to craving nothing more than a Lush bath bomb with your last £8.72 once your life has fallen apart.

It's easy to talk about heart break, it's much harder to show it; and Faith did both. Her show will leave you contemplating the way you've handled past relationships and how to look at any future ones in a new light.

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Aug 5-28 | 16:05
Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)