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Joz Vammer
Joz Vammer (Performer, Playwright and Producer) Jason Paul Tate (Director of Photography)
Joz Vammer
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So here's the premise for the show: "Lobster is not a fish, or an oyster, or a bird, and certainly not a kangaroo. Lobster does not leap, or crawl, or swim, or hop. And Lobster is missing out on prime sea urchin season. But after Brazil and France nearly go to war over who owns the rights to fish her, Lobster gets the call from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to testify, finally in her own words, just how it feels to have absolutely no say in who or what she is. Based on a strangely true strange story." - And strange it certainly is.

We are greeted by a black brick wall with a simple steel frame chair. An actor (Joz Vammer) with startling deep red hair and long talon shaped nails together with a transfixing gaze with incredible eyes stairs out towards us. She's giving evidence to the tribunal of this strange and weird setting.

She's clearly upset and distressed, having just escaped a netting incident and emotions are on the boil (pun Intended). It's a convincing performance with a peculiar hybridization and mixing of human and aquatic cultures, it is a big pill to swallow but Ms Vammer does an excellent job in delivering it.

The cross fertilisation of these different lives allows for reference points and building a relationship with the setting. I'm not certain it adds very much to the humour of the scene. It's bizarre though not necessarily amusing.

The acting is particularly good, there is a sense of indignation and frustration contained in every word delivered and the sense of urgency flows through every line delivered, In the end I just didn't find myself warming very much to the story or the setting.

It's a short, concentrated programme of less than 30 minutes. Joz Vammer is a real talent, her skills are evident from the outset and the developed character is well formed. I would like to see her again, but in something with more substance than this vehicle.

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Aug 12-29 (Online - Anytime)