Knot: The Trilogy, Summerhall, Review

Two sides of a street with houses in shadow, sunlight at the top, but shadow to the side.
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Glen Neath (Writer); David Rosenberg & Glen Neath (Directors); David Rosenberg (Sound & Tech); Victoria Eyton (Producer); Sara Codrington (Production Co-ordinator); Alex Purcell (Imagery)
Sonya Cullingford, Nigel Barrett, Branden Burke, Basienka Blake, Sonya Seva, Walles Hamonde, Liinus Oliver, Bela Oliver
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In the year plus since the beginning of the pandemic, theatre companies have been exploring new, alternative and imaginative ways to entertain. Darkfield are experts at this and if you want to experience a show but prefer to do so safely at a distance, Knot: The Trilogy is the perfect choice for you. A three-part audio production, this uses a binaural technology which makes an incredibly effective immersive experience. The three sections - sitting at a park bench, sitting in a car and then in a room in your home – use movement to these different areas to travel the journey of the piece.

All sections are listened to with eyes closed. With the binaural sound, it really does feel that we listeners are sitting next to the strangers that you hear. It is tempting at times to open our eyes (don’t give in!) to check to see if someone has actually turned up beside us, so real does the experience feel. During the second episode, the experience is so visceral it is particularly unsettling, adding to the thrill of the unfolding mystery we hear. By closing off the sense of sight and allowing the aural sense to focus, our minds fill in the rest and help make the piece emotionally charged.

The third section of the piece changes the mood. There is a hypnotic chorus which, while effective because eyes are closed, means that the listener needs to focus strongly on not drifting from the ultimate conclusion. Overall, however, this is a striking experience, leaving an impact.

Show Time: 27-29 August @ 19:00

Ticket Prices: £22.50