In Loyal Company, Pleasance Dome, Review

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David William Bryan
David William Bryan (Writer/Director); Jonny Ryan (Sound/Light Design)
David William Bryan (Arthur Robinson)
Running time

A master class in the craft of storytelling, In Loyal Company is a glorious, life-affirming production, inspired by the true story of writer and performer David William Bryan’s great uncle, Arthur Robinson, who fought during WWII. Bryan brings to the stage not only great warmth and charm but great skill in a seemingly effortless embodiment of the different characters in the piece. The shifts in dialogue and time draw us in as we follow Arthur and his journey to and through war and embrace the meaning of family.

Sensitive use of music and lighting effects enhance this production, immersing the audience in the world that Arthur is living. It is not easy to do but the timing of these effects complement the piece so effectively that the audience leans in as one into this world. The writing is clear and, in the hands of Bryan, naturalistic, often humorous, but also painfully honest in its depiction of the harsh reality of war. As a picture of humanity and the impact war can have, not only on the actions that human beings can be capable of but also endure, In Loyal Company is a thought-provoking reminder of the complexity of human nature.

At the end of the show, there is a discreet wiping of tears in the audience followed by a well-deserved standing ovation for Bryan. A returning show from last Fringe where it was a sell-out, this year it is selling out again, so grab your tickets while you can.

Times: 6-26 August, 1:10pm