Alice Hawkins - Suffragette (2019), The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Review

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Peter Barratt and Ruth Pownall
Peter Barratt and Ruth Pownall
Peter Barratt (Speaker); Ruth Pownall (Alice Hawkins)
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There are several suffragette-based productions this year: Peter Barratt, the great-grandson of Alice Hawkins, a woman who was an actively involved suffragette, presents this particular show. Inspired by tales of Alice and the discovery of a wealth of items from her suffragette experiences, Barratt presents an interesting talk, interspersed by performance pieces from Ruth Pownall as Hawkins.

The research that Barratt has carried out in his hunt for information about Hawkins’ life pays off. His anecdotes about her feisty nature vividly bring to life a strong character that was driven to improve the rights of women. Pownall brings the spirit of Hawkins alive, particularly with the suffragette songs and a wonderful outfit depicting the suffragette uniform.

This is a talk rather than a full performance piece, but could have the potential to be developed further as a storytelling piece. As a personalised insight, it should be a draw to those with an interest in suffrage history.  

Times: 14-16 August, 6:00pm