(Sorry), Assembly George Square Studios, Review

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King’s Head Theatre
Susie Sillett (Writer), Jennifer Davis (Director), Ben Anderson (Assistant Director)
Louise Beresford
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Along with a plethora of other hits, including the renownedTrainspotting, King’s Head Theatre have packed in a millennial punch into their suitcases this year with (sorry). This wittily constructed musing-come rant from writer Susie Sillett offers an insight into the avocado-dwelling, tech-obsessed, self-entitled brains of Generation Y.

From the canned foods aisle of her local supermarket, to the grief stricken bedside of a relative, this millennial attempts to make sense of the behaviours of her generation. A collection of over-educated martyrs who will work endlessly for no money, to gain experience which is never quite enough, whilst being blamed for being inconsiderate and rude whilst trying to change the oppressed opinions of their elders - who, by the way, have “handed them everything on a plate”!

Performer Louise Beresford’s unapologetic apology is compelling to watch as she debates and attempts to derive any sense from this senseless situation. Although not an overly physical piece, Bereford’s delivery layers the piece with mirth, empathy and just as much understanding as is possible - under the circumstances.

Runs 4-17 Aug (not Wednesdays)