Folding Echoes, Review, Dancebase

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Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee (Choreographer) LAI, Tze Yu (Original Lighting Design) Ivan Chan (Touring Lighting Designer) Hin LO (Original Sound Designer) Jonathan LEE (Original Sound System Designer)Cher NG (Touring Sound Designer) LEE Wai Shing (Touring Photographer & Videographer) Brian YU (Touring Journalist) Andy LO (Producer & Touring Manager)
Jospeh Lee (Performer)
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This is the second piece I have seen at Dancebase which is pushing at the borders of what we see and perceive as dance. This show walks to the edge and cleverly and effectively steps over occasionally. Joseph Lee has deconstructed the formal protocols of dance, the rituals and patterns which have concreted around this art form and in this show exposes, examines and explores how they might impact and effect our relationship to the concept of dance.

Jospeh Lee who is both the dancer and choreographer has crafted this show very cleverly, it works at different levels both rationally and emotionally it is also playful and amusing. His analysis of contemporary dance and the frameworks which surround it raise lots of interesting questions and in some parts is quite confronting about what we have come to expect and see as 'normal'.

The work looks at words and meanings – the relationship between naming something and then what that actually means, if anything. It is both interesting and exciting to see these deeply profound questions challenged in a dance context. But, it is done with style and humour which makes the whole format much more engaging and interesting.

The final sequence is also compelling, as I wasn't expecting it, I should have but this show raises questions and then before they are answered asks another. The show is dynamic and well paced possessing a natural rhythm which lulls the audience into sense of security and this coupled with Lee's delivery is a winning combination. An exceptional performance and well worth seeing.

14-19, 21-26 August, 18:00