Casanova Dreaming, Space on Niddry Street, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Arbery Productions
Martin Foreman (Writer and Director) Rosa Alexander (Assistant Director) James Dawoud (Lighting) Beverly Wright (Costumes)
Patrick Bergamo, Creighton King, Mike Brownsell, Junior Cross, Polina Sulim, Sarah Stanton, Beverly Wright
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Giacomo Casanova is one of the most notorious lovers of European history, a man who’s life would not be out of place in a comic strip for the number of escapades he got up to. Arbery productions attempt to bring this to life in a one act play.

The framing device Martin Foreman uses for his script to encompass the whole of Casanova’s life is a dream. The young, virile Giacomo (Patrick Bergamo) lies in bed with one of his first loves, Anna Maria (Junior Cross), when and old man calling himself the Chevalier de Seingalt (Creighton King) appears, sends Anna Maria away and begins to lecture the young Casanova on love and the benefits of matrimony.

They are shortly joined one at a time by various characters who appear in Casanova’s stories throughout his life, lovers, friends and gaolers, until one visitor addresses Seingalt as Giacomo, and the young Casanova begins to see just what he has been entertaining.

Arbery’s production has all the elements of a well-rounded performance but there seems to be something missing in the execution. The camaraderie lacks that little bit of spark that is necessary when dealing with a notorious lover and his conquests. When the time does come for explicit re-enactments the intensity with which they are performed jars with the sedate pace of the dialogue.

King has enough charisma to fill the older, infirm, but still charming Casanova, but the play needs its screws tightening and a bit of dramatic oil here and there.

Until 25th (not 19th or 12th)