Transit, Assembly Hall, Review

Rating (out of 5)
Show info
Fl!p Fabr!que
Directed by: Alexandre Fecteau
Scenography: Ariane Sauvé
Lighting: Bruno Matte
Music: Antony Roy
Costume: Geneviève Tremblay
Jade Dussault, Jérémie Arsenault, Christophe Hamel, Hugo Ouellet Côté, Yann Leblanc, Bruno Gagnon
Running time

After their knock out show at last year’s fringe, a rising company from Quebec Fl!p Fabr!que return to the fringe with an even more stunning show.

The theme of the new show Transit is transition, and the joy of living in the moment. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fl!p Fabr!que’s flight has been delayed….and how better to entertain themselves than with circus? Tumbling, acrobatics, a stunning new strap trapeze, hula hoops, fantastic light juggling and incredible diablo this show has it all!

What’s refreshing about Transit is that, unlike many serious circus shows, it incorporates more than just acrobatics. All performers are multi-talented, shown off spectacularly in a visually amazing juggling act that has every company member displaying several skills. Not to mention clowning, which makes moments riotously funny. The show is as imaginative and creative as it is fun, using all the equipment and set to their full potential and creating entertainment from things you wouldn’t even think of.

The theme of Transit becomes even more poignant as one company member has an exciting announcement that puts them all in a different kind of transition. Outrageous promises that have been made prior to this must now be upheld – including a variation of the strap trapeze that I’m sure you’ll never have seen before.

Of all the circus shows, this is perhaps the most family friendly and inspiring for the younger generation. The joy with which they perform is complete and infectious and the variety of acts puts it above similar shows (you rarely see diablo like that). This is true circus at its best.

Assembly Hall, 6th-28th August (not 9th, 14th or 21st)